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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New Ward

We went to our new ward Sunday. We were surprisingly very comfortable. We didn't realize how many people we knew. Fi did great in nursery. I think it's more of an adjustment for Jon and I than it is for Fiona. I feel weird not having her with me during my classes.

Jon got a calling already as a youth Sunday School teacher. I have nothing yet.

Every time we go to the bathroom Fiona opens the drawer and hands us tampons, here she is putting them in my travel bag. She also rips the toilet paper and hands it to us, saying "Dao" (thank you in Fi speak).
 Here she is frustrated with who knows what and just laying on the floor getting it out of her system.
 Fi does this quite often, she sits down and just goes through each of her books. I need to read to her more often. I hope she has a love of reading :)


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