Boundless Belnap's

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Welcome to our Page

Sarah and I do not have many pictures of us together. This portrait was a gift from the Lobato's of Brazil. It was painted from a digital picture our our wedding announcement photo. It is amazing, and well received in our home.
We wanted to start off this initial week with some random pictures of some of the things that we have done over the last year. We hope to keep this updated on a weekly basis to keep all of our friend and family aware of what is happening our lives.
Please comment as you wish, and we hope that you enjoy the first attempts that we have made at a personal blog page.
Jon and Sarah.

Hyrum's gone camo

Now if we could somehow talk Jacob into wearing a baby blue onesie under his camo jacket with purple snow boots it would be a real mini-me situation

New Crockpot...To Die for.

Not only did she give the new crock pot prime real estate on the counter top, but she used it for the first time to cook for us while we were visiting.
How is the crock pot holding up?


Who could ever argue with such a cutie pie. Camilla was excited to ride her bike around the back yard during our last visit in November.

Middle Child

I guess when you spend your entire life as the middle child of three, the middle of everything is the only really comfortable place to be.

Drew's Thanksgiving Feast

Since Thanksgiving Drew has begun the process of writing and composing his music. Feel free to give him a listen at

Thanksgiving 2006

Who can forget Thanksgiving '06. Everyone decided that we would travel to St. George as April and Drew have more people in the home than anyone else in the Family. We all brought Stuff. Drew's Dad, Sarah, the Girls and I all came up from AZ. Ma, Pa and Chris Belnap all came down from Salt Lake. This picture is of Chris and I, we are obviously the only males present. Then proceeding left to right we have Shell Bell, Nana, Jane, Sarah, Mari, and last but not least Laura.
We have the beautiful back drop of the Red Rocks in St. George.

Jane's Chair

Jane loved this couch. It was the place where her homework was completed, movies were watched, meals were eaten...and even the occasional battle with Mari was fought on this very spot. Most important, this was from time to time the place where she fell asleep after staying up very late watching Aqua Marine, or some other horror movie.

Martial Art Mari

Mari is well on here way to black belt...She just has to learn how to keep her eyes open during practice.

Concert at Cricket

Who could forget the concert that Gwen put on at the Cricket Pavilion. From everyone in attendance it was reported to have been "UNBELIEVABLE!"

Are we there yet?

Jane was so excited to get to Disneyland, she stayed awake for the entire 6 hour drive. However she continually asked "are we there yet?" :-)

Famous people at Disneyland

We took a moment to get the all important picture with the famous Mary Poppins. Let me tell you she is just as proper and personable in person as she is in her movies. Thanks for the photo Mary...

Building Memories

While we were at Disney we took a minute to build some memories at Downtown Disney's Build-A-Bear Workshop. It isn't just for kids.

Record Catch

The best catch to come out of California Adventures all day.

Friends Forever

From the happiest place on earth come the BFF's. What more can be said.

Cold in Colorado Springs

Who would have thought that Colorado Springs in November would be this cold, imagine how bad it is when I get up off the couch and go outdoors. Needless to say we stayed in the house as much as possible for the course of the weekend visit.

New Pastime

During the last hockey season Sarah and I became Coyotes fans. We went to the games that had promotional items to all of those in attendance. This year we collected hats from the promotional games. We now have quite a collection in our closet. We are looking forward to next season!

Group Photo

As many may know we had two foreign exchange students for a year. Here is a picture of us at Disneyland in Feb. 07. Starting from the left to the right we have Mari, she is from Brazil. Jana pronounced Yana, She is from Slovakia. Sarah, and then finally Jon.

We had fun with them while they were here, and now that they are gone we realize just how much we did with them and enjoyed the time that we all had together.

They are good about emailing, and calling to inform us of how they are and what is going on in their lives. Maybe we will see some posts from them here on this site soon.