Boundless Belnap's

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Well we moved in June to Mesquite, Nevada. It is smack in between Vegas and St. George. Since Jon works here and I work from home we will save gas money and time by living here. Jon used to get off at 3pm Nevada time then be home in St. George at 5pm Utah time. That time change sucked. So now we are in the same time zone and don't know what to do with all the extra time together. hahahaha.

It is nice and hot here. There isn't a lot to do here since the town is smaller than St. George. Oh well. we'll see how long we stay :)

We got an addition to our family in April. A little puppy, she is a chipiti (half chiwawa half pitbull). she is now 6 months old. She is so much fun and very cute. She is only about 20 pounds. I will put pics of her on this blog later. Her name is Abby. She is a very smart dog and trains very well. I don't see us ever getting a puppy again cuz it totally sucked, but we are glad we have her.

Since our last blog in January we haven't done anything really exciting. The only thing that comes to mind is I went with April and her girls to Vegas for the day to hang out at a REAL mall. It was soooooooooooo much fun! I haven't been to a huge 2 story mall with a real food court and real stores for about 2 years. We walked around all day. It was great! Me and April got henna done on our wrists, it looked like a bracelet. We would totally get henna again.

The next thing I remember is over Labor Day weekend, from Friday to Mon, the girls stayed with us. We went to the Nevada State park, Valley of Fire. It was so beautiful. Eventually I will put pictures up so you can see. It as hot, but we would definitely go again when it is cooler. It is close to Lake Mead and Hoover Dam, so it would be a good camping spot.
The girls and Jon loved the "wildlife"..mainly the ground squirrels. They were everywhere! to me it looked like a rodent infestation, so nasty. but the little things would go up to their hands and eat food. They also saw a Kangaroo Rat while we were eating our lunch. They were so excited and I was like, it is a nasty rat, really. They are so weird. We took a 1/2 mile hike to this place called Mouse Tank. It is this hole that fills up with water when it rains and this guy back in the 1800s hid out there from the law for a while, since he had access to water. It was really cool and we saw a ton of petroglyphs on the way but the water in the hole was a nasty cesspool of stagnated e-coli infested water. And there were bees everywhere.
We also went to White Dome, they have filmed plenty of movies there, and half way on the trail one of the movie sets is still there. They filmed Star Trek there and The Stand by Stephen King. It was awesome.

Well that is all I remember for now. I will post pictures eventually.