Boundless Belnap's

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dreadful Sunday

Two Sundays ago was my first Sunday here in St George in our new ward. Jon still has to work on Sundays so I got ready and went by myself. I sat on the side of the chapel in the smaller benches. The church was packed since there were a lot of baptisms the night before. Not one person came and sat next to me. I had the whole bench to myself. An old snow bird couple who sat in front of me said hi and introduced themselves. I felt so uncomfortable! After sacrament meeting I left. In the parking lot going to my car April and the girls were driving to go home. They said Hi and I almost started crying cuz I felt so lonely. They said that I can go to church with them and the girls invited me to their promary classes :) it was so nice of them. So I decided that I was going to go to their ward, since i have been there a lot, until Jon can go with me to church.

The next Sunday I decided that I better go to my ward since i needed to pay tithing and just try it one more time. I me the 1st counselor of the bishopric. He was so sweet and kind and welcomed me to the ward. I sat in the middle section this time up towards the front. Once again I sat by myself and felt so awkward. nobody sat next to me once again. Right before it started, like right before, Someone comes to my bench and says "do you want some friends?" I turned and it was Drew and the girls! They missed their sacrament meeting so decided to come and sit with me. What a wonderful SURPRISE! I didn't have to sit by myself! If felt so nice. I don't think I have ever had to sit by myself in a place where I don't know anybody, like ever.
After Sacrament the youngest one Breanna (8yrs old) said that she would go with me to Sunday School so I wouldn't have to sit by myself. What a sweetheart! So me and her go and sit in the RS room in the back row and keep each other company during the lesson. You could tell her attention span was gone and she was ready to go but she didn't complain once. After Sunday School I thought that I'd better take her home. I stayed a bit and introduced myself to some lady in my row and asked her who the RS pres was so I could introduce my self. I did that then Nana came home with me until Jon arrived then we went to Apes house.

I am not the same person I was growing up. I am ok being alone and not having close friends anymore. I like solitude and I am not very outgoing. If I feel comfortable with who I am with I am outgoing but I don't care anymore. I like it with just me and Jon you know and I am used to that. We don't have any kids and we are not newly weds so don't really fit anywhere. Maybe if I found a friend I could trust or something I wouldn't mind going out and doing girl stuff (Ape you don't count). So having Nana with me at church and the rest of her family was a huge blessing. It helped me get out of my comfort zone and meet new people. The RS was so nice and talkative. I am excited to be in this ward. But I did find out that some people think I am a new member and that Drew and his girls are my family...It will be funny once Jon starts coming to see what the gossip will be...maybe I will introduce him as my boyfriend lol

So I think on this 3rd Sunday here I will stay for all 3 hours :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

October October October

It is so nice to be down here in St. George. To go outside when it is cloudy and it is still warm. To have the windows down in the evening. To see the beautiful red rock with the blue sky. To hang out with Ape, Drew and the girls. To have every evening with Jon. To work from home and not have to get dressed :)

Well, Kelly and Lisa came down this weekend to sleep at the Hotel Belnap. They went to go see Aida at Tuacahn. It was lots of fun having them here. I miss my WGU girlfriends.

Saturday night before they went to Tuacahn and Jon and I went out we all ate at Pizza Factory. Very yummy bread sticks:)
Jon and I then went on our first official date night since March. We drove to Mesquite, to Casablanca (where Jon works). They were having MMA (mixed martial arts) fight night. All proceeds went to wounded G.I.'s.

Below are the pictures. We went through the gorge and the AZ desert (so beautiful!!) and then to Nevada. Not bad, 3 states in one night :)
Jon also got a picture with the 6 time MMA world champion, Randy Couture! It was so awesome.
We had a great time.

This sign above, says WELCOME TO NEVADA

So this is Casa Blanca, where Jon works. It is nice because he always knows what shows and activities are going on over there.

Jon taking a picture with Randy Couture. So Awesome.

It was so nice driving home Saturday night and seeing the AZ state line and the AZ flag. Can't wait to see my AZ family and friends over Thanksgiving!!