Boundless Belnap's

Friday, February 21, 2014

Let's try this again...

We have decided that we need to be more proactive with documenting our life. Especially since we have Fi. We would like for her to have something to look back on. Here is a quick update.

-We are living in Mesquite, NV
-We can't wait to move again. We do not like it here especially because of the scorpions
-We are both working still
-Fi is 8 months. She loves bath time and watching "Signing Times". She has two teeth on the bottom. We did not know that they came in other than her being extra slobbery and clingy. She loves being outside but like with most redheads I know doesn't like the heat :) she loves her clothes off and laying in our bed watching the ceiling fan. She loves waking up seeing Abby (our dog).

We are so in love with Fi and are grateful for this new spin on our relationship. Having a child after 10 years of marriage...has been interesting. Jon and I are so good at communication and compromising since we have had 10 years of practice! It's hard to take time for ourselves but it is a work in progress.

I love shopping for Fi and see that it will be a HUGE problem as she grows older...I hope Jon will be ok with the bill!! We have changed our eating habits and we feel wonderful!

We eat so many veggies and lean meat now...none of the empty calorie foods. Our minds and bodies feel so much better. We love hiking on the new pedestrian trail that was created a few months ago. We look forward to the upcoming months and future years with optimism.

 Weekend of the baby blessing 08/2013
 What I see from my desk all the time
 Little Red getting tickled
 Daddy dressed Fi for church last week- Hey Cowgirl! We need to get you some boots!
 Girlfriend loves pickles!
Mommy and Fi