Boundless Belnap's

Saturday, January 24, 2009

January Update

The snow is gone!!! Although there is still a possibility for a late season storm, it seems as though the weather is beginning to warm up. This is nice because with the spring and summer just around the corner it means that the temperature inversions are going to be a thing of the past.................... for a while.

Work is normal for both of us right now. We have nothing going on right now. We are waiting for our visitor that will be coming during the spring. Mari will be coming in for the Brittany Spears concert in April, and Gloria will be coming in May for a visit.

Jon is still trying to decide if he is going to go to AZ in the summer to participate in commencement at UOP. He his finishing his final five classes this spring, then he will complete his BSM degree (Bachelors of Science in Management) it is a psychology degree in managing people within an organization.

We have commenced in a project for the Belnap’s side. It is going to be a yearlong project and will be completed around December. Everyone is going to write his or her personal and family biography. Jon is then going to compile it into a nice format and then give it to each family as a heirloom. It will be a first person history starting from Jim and Marsha and their descendants.