Boundless Belnap's

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New Ward

We went to our new ward Sunday. We were surprisingly very comfortable. We didn't realize how many people we knew. Fi did great in nursery. I think it's more of an adjustment for Jon and I than it is for Fiona. I feel weird not having her with me during my classes.

Jon got a calling already as a youth Sunday School teacher. I have nothing yet.

Every time we go to the bathroom Fiona opens the drawer and hands us tampons, here she is putting them in my travel bag. She also rips the toilet paper and hands it to us, saying "Dao" (thank you in Fi speak).
 Here she is frustrated with who knows what and just laying on the floor getting it out of her system.
 Fi does this quite often, she sits down and just goes through each of her books. I need to read to her more often. I hope she has a love of reading :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Happy Fall time!

So much has happened the last few months. I know I need to do better with blogging and I read my sis-in-laws blog that she is trying to make a note everyday, so I am going to try and do the same. Well maybe at least once a week :)

We moved! 11 for 11 now. It happened so fast. We were so uncomfortable in our old place and had a hard time with out neighbor. Jons old boss moved to Park City for a new job so he was going to rent his house. So we went and looked at it and 2 weeks later we were moved in! We also rushed moving in so we could be in the new place when Jacob and his family came to visit. Fiona loves it! you can tell she is happier here and I am more relaxed and comfortable here as well. It is smaller and more expensive, but so worth it. We are sad that we had to leave our ward. I loved my calling as a relief society teacher, seriously my favorite calling of all time. Jon was released as Elders Quorum president, which I know he was ok with :)

We go to our new ward this weekend.
It is easier for me to go on walks now during the day and not having to wait for Jon to get home. This has helped my back immensely. I still see my chiropractor once a week, but I can walk for longer periods of time without the pain starting that is a plus. Walking during the day also gets the dog and Fiona out, which they both love.

Fiona is now almost 17 months. She is walking and running everywhere! She always points down and says well sorta says down, so she can walk everywhere. She is a very happy kid and healthy. She keeps us on our toes and brings so much joy into our family. We have definitely learned a lot about ourselves and have grown in ways we never could have if we didn't have her. She loves people watching like her daddy, so the parades are definitely her cup of tea. Here are some pictures...enjoy!