Boundless Belnap's

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend!

Jon and I went to Phoenix, AZ for Memorial weekend. We stayed with my mom but the trip was to hang out with the Merrills. They are our best friends and have a 2 month old baby. Their baby has been in the hospital the majority of the time and diagnosed with "failure to live". We were so glad that we could be down there to keep them company and take them out and just distract them from all of their troubles. Their baby is named Porter James Merrill.

We had a get together at my moms with a few family members and that was very entertaining. Alison was their with her two kids and so was Darren. My crazy Aunt Pat was their as well as my Aunt Dixie. We had fun playing with the kids and catching up.

It was a tiring weekend but we are glad we went. Here are come pictures from the trip:)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Back from Georgia

I never thought I would say this but I am glad to be back in Salt Lake:) I had a wonderful vacation but I missed Jon so much and I am not a fan of humidity.
Tuesday I flew into Phoenix and stayed with my mom so we could all (Mom, me and Alison) fly out together on Wednesday. I felt my throat starting to swell Tuesday night and on Wednesday I had a sore throat and sinus issues. At least Wednesday was the peak of the illness and as the vacation continued I slowly got better. I am still stuffy and tired but at least I am getting better.
The reason for the vacation was to go and support Jacob, my bother, with his graduation from OCS (Officer Candidate School). He is now a Lieutenant. The graduation was amazing! It was so neat to see all 4 companies walk into the stadium in unison and all together saying the motto and creed of the army. I got chills. I am so proud of my brother that he is serving our country and that he is so stalwart that many in his company look to him for spiritual guidance. He is truly one of my heroes.
After the graduation Jacob could leave the base and so we drove to Atlanta from Ft. Benning and stayed there the rest of the time. We did a session in the Atlanta temple and then we went to the Atlanta History Center. They had an exhibit on the Civil War and one on segregation, it was really neat. I wish I had more time there. But the whole trip was amazing and quite a spiritual experience for me. So that is my trip and here are some pics.