Boundless Belnap's

Monday, November 26, 2007

Welcome to Utah

So I got here on November 9th. That is a Friday. On Monday I was driving with Chris picking up a few things and wouldn't you know it...I wasn't even here a full week and I got pulled over!!! I got a speeding ticket! I was apparently going 15 miles over, but the sweet officer only put down that I was 5 over. I think it was because I was new.
We are pretty much settled in. Our apartment is very cute and we decided not to get into a house just yet. We are staying in our cheap apartment for a little while longer:) We love our ward up here. Everybody is so nice! Our Bishop is a body builder:) and he was a cheerleader in high school! isn't that a trip! Bonnie Parkin (the previous General Relief Society President) is in our ward, she is very nice. Elder Zwick of the seventy is in our ward as well. Needless to say our ward is in a very well off is really weird to be around all these doctors and lawyers. We are learning a lot though, which is neat.
I start work next Monday at the Spectrum Academy in North Salt Lake. It is a school for high functioning Autistic and Asperberger kids. So that will be a new adventure. Jon is doing very well at his job and gets along very well with the other techs.
I will tell you this, I really do miss Phoenix. It is so strange being here and being cold and not knowing anybody. It is hard not to get depressed but I know once I start working and get into a routine and start making friends it will get better. I miss all of you!!!

Thanksgiving in IDAHO

This year Jon and I went with our buddies Betty and TJ Merrill to Idaho for Thanksgiving. Betty is from Ashton and she was having her baby shower up there so they invited us to eat with them. We already met the mom before so it was a real treat to meet the rest of her family. We felt so welcome. It was really neat to have pumpkin pie made from the pumpkins in their backyard and we had homemade roles and carrots from their garden as well as squash. I tasted a squash lasagna for the first time. The potatoes of course came from their garden as well. Everything was so delicious. The picture of the wooden house with our black CRV is Betty's bothers' house and he built it himself; that is where we stayed. It was a nice relaxing holiday and very cold!