Boundless Belnap's

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Season of Change

The weather is finally beginning to break. It seems that the snow is gone for a season. The temperatures here are scattered. We miss the consistency that is found in the weather in Arizona. The leaves are beginning to grow back and the grass is a vibrant green.

It is nice to see the changes in the seasons. That is one of the things that is non-existent in Arizona. We are looking forward to the summer in Utah. We want to see if it is all that the locals say it will be.

Sarah is falling in love with her job. Her co-workers and managers are grateful for her dedication, and her helpful personality. She has become the typical speed demon in the department. She is not the type to drag out a project or any work for that matter. She gets in and completes her work well before the mandatory deadline. This has its pro's and con's. While she is never late to complete a task she finds herself helps the other people in the group with their work. This helps to her day occupied with work.

Jon is still going to school and working. He has a habit of working with certain technicians during the week that work long hours. This is difficult in that he does not get home from work until 7 or 8. The positive side is that the company is not allowing overtime during the slow tax season, therefore, he has been able to take off Friday for the last few weeks. He is also required to go to school during the summer, to be caught up with his training. He missed the Fall 07 term because we moved here in the middle of the semester. Fortunately, it will only be for May through Aug, and then he will not be back at school until fall.

Speaking of Jon having Fridays off, it is hard for Sarah to know that while she is diligently working at the office he is at home. Sarah enjoys taking time off work and due to her upcoming trip to Georgia, she has been unable to use any of her time. However, she did come home to a nice surprise on Friday. Because Jon was home all day, he decided to clean the house. He cleaned it all, every room, and even did all of the laundry. This was a nice surprise for Sarah as she had it in her mind that they would be spending all of the day Saturday cleaning.

Instead of cleaning, we were able to enjoy a nice slow-paced day of lounging around the house and cleaning the cars.

That is about all that is happening in our lives, we are a boring family. Hope everything is going well with you.

Love the Boundless Belnap's

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well,this is Sarah. I thought I would give a little update.
So for those who know my family pretty well would know that I have been the only one (including my mom) who has never had braces and/or glasses. I have always been proud of that. Well the sad day has come, I'm not even 30 yet. I went to get my eyes checked because when I drive or look out into the distance what I see isn't as clear or crisp as it used to be. So the eye doc gave me a slight prescription so I have glasses now that I wear outside or driving. I got a really cute pair but you will not be seeing a picture anytime soon:) sorry but that's just the way it is.
Hey Nancy I know you want to see pics but I don't know when I will put some up.

I am going to Georgia with my mom and Alison to see Jacob graduate from officer candidate school. I will be gone 5 days, so maybe I will snap some pictures then and post them.

For Memorial weekend Jon and I are going to beautiful Phoenix!!! I am so excited!! Our best friends the Merrills just had a baby boy and I can't wait to see him. Even though I will actually be staying with them when I fly back from Georgia so I get to see them before Jon:) I know you are probably thinking why am I staying in Phoenix and not just flying straight home from Georgia..believe it or not it is cheaper to fly to Phoenix and do a direct flight, rount trip, than doing a non-stop flight from salt lake city to Georgia. I don't mind, I have missed hanging with the Merrills so it will be a nice evening.

jon and I still love our jobs and we like our primary class. Salt Lake sure is pretty but we don't want to make this our home. So unless the Merrills move up here we will be moving when Jon is done with school in 3 years. So I get to enjoy the summers here for 3 years then we will see what happens:)

For those of you who know my sis Rachel, her and her husband are moving to another part of Virginia and they will be there for a while. Blaine, her husband got a job as a manager at a store. They are really excited about it.

Jacob's wife Alison is expecting her 3rd child around November which is when they will be living in Maryland until Jacob gets his duty station. I am excited to see where they will go to next.

Jons brother Andy is getting married in June to a girl named Emily. We are looking forward to that.

So May is our vacation month and it is much needed. I will post pics as we take them....
Love you!