Boundless Belnap's

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nana's Baptism

So we went to St George for Nana's baptism. She is the youngest daughter of Jon's sister Ape. I was so looking forward to it being hot. i just wanted to lay in the sun and feel the burn:) But we brought the cloudy, windy,rainy weather with us. Apart from that we has a great time. We love visiting Ape and her family. We get along so well and her girls are so much fun. On Saturday the day of the baptism we went to have lunch at Sonic then at 5pm we had Nana's baptism. She looked so cute in her baptism dress! Since no treats were allowed in the church we went to the park by their house and had yummy treats made by Nana's primary president. The Castro family was there and they said that they had food and they wanted to share it with everybody so we didn't have to go out to eat. They are from El Salvador. So they left to go and get the food and brought it back. It was so delicious. We had a fun time getting to know some of Apes friends in her ward. Well, enjoy the pics:)