Boundless Belnap's

Monday, September 29, 2008

New home!

We have finally found a place to settle in for at least 3 years. We found it back in June of this year but we have been waiting for it to be built. It is a 1300 sq/ft condo, 3 bed, two bath. It is a new area here in Salt Lake City called Daybreak. It is like Anthem in Phoenix. The new Oquirrh temple that is being built is a few blocks away. We absolutley love it! The area is more desert like, which I (Sarah) love. It is 85% LDS and their are 17 wards in that area. It isn't that much further of a drive to our work either. We do our final walk through on thursday and if everything is good and nothing needs to be fixed then we can move in this weekend!

This weekend April and her family are coming up. That will be fun and now we have more hands to help us move.

I have started physical therapy on my lovely elbow again. It is more of an educational therapy. My physical therapist shows me some exercises I can do then I go back two weeks later and she measures the strength and extension of my arm. If it has improved then she shows me other exerecises I can do. Since I can't do pushups are bicep curls etc..I need more unique exercises. The two weeks that I have been doing the stretches and exercises we have seen some real improvement and finally some muscle tone:)

We drove up to Logan this weekend. It was about 1 1/2 hour drive. It was so beautiful! The stretch from Brigham City to Logan is through a mountain pass and it was all fall colors. We had a good drive.

Well that is all that is going on now with us:)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Labor Day

Jon and I went down to St. George for Labor Day. We hung out with Jons sister April and her kids. We went down to Zions National Park and did a little day hike. We had such a fun weekend, it was so beautiful and warm. We love hanging out with Ape and her family. Here are some pictures from our trip.