Boundless Belnap's

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vacation Time!

So Jon and I took a week vacation in October to Phoenix and Long Beach, CA. We hung out with family and friends and had a little R & R. Below are pictures from Phx, Seal Beach and the Navy Ammo yard, and as we were driving home we stopped in Barstow California to see the Harvey House! I love the musical Harvey Girls with Judy Garland so I was so excited to see that historical sign as we drove through.
The weather was perfect in AZ and CA. We can't wait to plan our trip for next year!

Harvey House in Barstow, CA
Jon in front of the Harvey House looking at the railroad

Sarah on one of the old trains

Jon posing on the train at the Harvey House

Me so freakin happy to actaully see the last Harvey House that closed in 1971 and was built in 1911.

In the museum, this is an example of the what the Harvey Girls wore has they served the Santa Fe passengers.

Beautiful Seal Beach in Long Beach, CA

Massive Navy Ship

Jon helping his second cousin Eleanor figure out what she has and what is useful to her.

On the way to LA Jon said that he has traveled through here so many times and always wanted to stop by here and see the dinosaurs. His family never did so I pulled over and we took pictures with the big beasts :)

yes, that's sarah playing dead on the dino's feet

Cute little Porter!

Darren and his family. I love the pose of Hailey (miss DIVA!)