Boundless Belnap's

Thursday, January 24, 2013


So We had the gender check on Tuesday. Gloria and Jim drove up from Phoenix to be there. It was nice to have them there. As the ultrasound started and the images started to appear on the screen to oohs and awes started.

We all tried to guess what we were seeing, Sarah equated the experience to looking at clouds. Everyone sees the same image yet it is interpreted as something different by everyone. An example, an image flashed on the screen and Sarah asks if that is the face. The Tech responded by saying "no, that is the baby's butt". So in Sarah's eyes our baby is a butt face. I could not help myself and I said that in the ultrasound room. I got a dirty look from everyone in the room....Whatever.

As the tech attempted to look for signs of a gender she informed us that she was crossing her legs and almost on the position of sitting on them. This made it impossible to verify the gender. So Sarah got up and released her bladder. Jumped around and than informed the baby that she was to shape up and fly right. After she sat down and the tech started the ultrasound we were able to get a very clear, revealing image of the gender.

It was a very, and I hate this word, surreal experience. We have been waiting for so long to have a baby and to have our prayer answered and to be at the mid point of the pregnancy is a very humbling experience. We are truly grateful for all of the prayers on our behalf. We are excited to meet the new addition to the family and for all of her family to meet her.

Sarah scanned the ultrasound pictures and I am sure she will send them to anyone that would like to see them. She is especially proud of the shot where you can see the profile of the baby's face and her fist is shaking in an apparent attempt to make herself look tough and threaten anyone that is mother like daughter.

Thanks again to everyone that has supported us and prayed for us during these last many years of attempting to have children. Your support has not gone unnoticed.